DSC_6248I’m Viki, a fellow foodie and concerned citizen. I enjoy cooking recipes of all types. Improvisation isn’t my strong point, but I am teaching myself to experiment with ingredients and recipes in order to minimize the food that ends up in the trash. The problem: what to do with this leftover cilantro/hoisin sauce/cabbage/etc.? How can I use everything up before it goes bad?

I try to apply the philosophy of minimizing waste to many aspects of my life, and I invite you join in this endeavor.

My goals:

  • Throw away as little as possible when it comes to ingredients and leftovers.
  • Keep making delicious and interesting food.
  • Become a resource for others!

This blog tracks my efforts. What are your ideas, tips or challenges? Let’s make haste not waste together!

Make Haste Not Waste

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