Cucumber Berry Smoothie

It’s about time I mention that cucumbers are in season again! They are accumulated from personal gardens, farmer’s markets, CSAs, or generous neighbors, and they sit around, patiently waiting to be consumed. You can put them in pitas or add them to salads like this one or this one. But don’t forget about them! I learned the hard way, one rotten-cucumber-pulled-out-of-the-fridge-drawer later, that a local garden fresh cucumber doesn’t necessarily keep as long as the supermarket, shrink-wrapped, hot house type.

This weekend, I had a plan. I would use one whole cucumber for a healthy breakfast smoothie that would help make up for my excessive noshing at parties over the past couple of weeks. (I love summer, but it sure is hard to stay disciplined, isn’ t it?) Joy the Baker provided the inspiration. I threw together the rest.

My plan happened to include consuming the breakfast after sleeping late. However, someone in my neighborhood was violating local sound ordinances (yes, I looked it up) by weed-whacking prior to 10 a.m. (prior to 9:00 a.m., in fact). I’ll hand it to him, it was a beautiful morning to be in the yard. With a cucumber smoothie.

Cucumber Berry Smoothie
Adapted from Joy the Baker
1 serving

1 small garden cucumber, peeled and de-seeded
a little less than 1 cup frozen blueberries, strawberries or other berries you have available
2/3 Tablespoon of honey, more to taste
2 Tablespoons of plain greek yogurt
1/3 Cup milk
, cow or almond, soy or rice – Joy called for almond milk, which helps add sweetness
a touch of lemon juice, to taste
1/3 Cup orange juice or apple juice, to taste


Smoothie recipes are the type that are wide open for interpretation and tweaking. Even I rarely follow exactly what is suggested, and I usually pay close attention to recipes. Cucumber gives smoothies a refreshing touch, as well as some texture, and you can combine it with any number of fruits. You’ll have to adjust the sweetness accordingly. I happened to have a little bottle of leftover orange juice in my fridge, and when I tasted the smoothie and felt the honey didn’t add the right amount of sweetness, the juice fit the bill. Strawberries may be a sweeter choice; I used mostly blueberries. When I had pulled out my container of frozen strawberries, there were only two left, somehow! If your berries aren’t frozen, you will want to blend in some ice, to get the mixture nice and cold and refreshing.

Prep your cucumber: peel and de-seed, and then cut into chunks.
Add everything to the blender and whir away. Taste and make adjustments as needed.
Pour into a glass. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cucumber smoothie.